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From "Peter Danielsen" <>
Subject Accessing WSDL2 styles in Axis2 codegen emitter templates
Date Sat, 26 May 2007 16:58:15 GMT

I've been trying to create an Axis2 code generation template
that would make some decisions based on the value of the "style"
attribute in a WSDL2 document.  I'm unable to do so because
that value doesn't appear in the DOM created by the
AxisServiceBasedMultiLanguageEmitter.  There is a "style" attribute,
but it's related to WSDL1.1.

To accommodate this looks like it would require changes to

1. org.apache.axis2.description.AxisOperation to either
  a. change the existing "style" field to a list (since WSDL2
     allows multiple styles for an operation) and modifying
     getStyle() and setStyle(String) accordingly, or
  b. adding a new List<URI> field with something like
     List getStyles() and void addStyle(URI style) methods, and
     possibly deprecate the existing style-related methods.
2. WSDL20ToAxisServiceBuilder.populateOperations to add the styles
  from the Woden InterfaceOperation object to the AxisOperation
3. AxisServiceBasedMultiLanguageEmitter.generateMethodElement to
  add an attribute for the styles to the method Element it builds.

While the styles defined in the WSDL2 Adjuncts specification can
be represented by constants, new styles can be defined by anyone
so it would be very useful to preserve the style URIs unchanged
from the WSDL all the way through to the DOMs used by the templates.

Please let me know if I should open a JIRA for this.

Peter Danielsen

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