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From "YG Park" <>
Subject [Axis2] A possible bug in WSDLDataLocator?
Date Sat, 26 May 2007 21:07:58 GMT


I'm new to Axis2 and while I was using Axis2 1.2, I encountered a strange

The module I was working on was working just fine on my dev machine but
when I deployed a service on our production server, it failed to find the

The production server runs on Apache/Tomcat and has several sites running
on it (using VirtualHost).


I checked the generated WSDL and found out that instead of using the FQDN
on the server,

Axis2 was actually changing the FQDN to an IP address and since Apache
wasn't delegating "IP address HOSTs" to tomcat, the client using this WS
was giving me 404 (HTTP Not found) error.


I sort of debugged the code and WSDLDataLocator
(org.apache.axis2.dataretrieval) line 125 was causing this problem.


       String[] exposedEPRs = theService.getEPRs();


I changed this line to


       String[] exposedEPRs = new String[] {serviceURL};


and it's working just fine. However, I can see that an AxisService can have
more than one EPRs and that this is just a workaround.


Has anybody else encountered this problem?

Please let me know.


Plus, I wasn't really sure why line 126-128 exists


       if (exposedEPRs == null) {

             exposedEPRs = new String[]{theService.getEndpointName()};



as theService.getEndpointName() always returns null.




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