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From "Afkham Azeez" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2]Clustering: Removing/Deprecating AbstractContext#getProperties()
Date Sat, 19 May 2007 08:17:58 GMT
Whenever a  property is set or removed, we record it in a
propertyDifferences Map in the AbstractContext. This Map keeps track of the
property changes that need to be replicated. So the modified
AbstractContext#setProperty method looks like this;

   public void setProperty(String key, Object value) {
        if ( == null) {
   = new HashMap();
        properties.put(key, value);
        propertyDifferences.put(key, new PropertyDifference(key, false));

The PropertyDifference object keeps track of the properties that have been
set(added/updated) or removed. The boolean entry is to indicate whether the
property was removed.

Before a node replicates its state, it will check the propertyDifferences Map,
transmit the differences, and clear this Map. When a node receives a
UpdateProperties message, it has to set/remove the properties from the
relevant contexts. But when it does this, these changes should not be
replicated once again.

Hence we need to add the following methods to AbstractContext;

     * Store a property in this context.
     * But these properties should not be replicated when Axis2 is
     * @param key
     * @param value
    public void setNonReplicableProperty(String key, Object value);

     * Remove a property. Only properties at this level will be removed.
     * Properties of the parents cannot be removed using this method.
     * The removal of the property will not be replicated when Axis2 is
     * @param key
    public void removePropertyNonReplicable(String key) ;

These will be called by the clustering mechanism when a n UpdateProperties
message is received by a node. In such a case, it should add the property to
the relevant context, but should not replicate it.

-- Azeez

On 5/19/07, Afkham Azeez <> wrote:
> When it comes to replicating properties in the context hierarchy, we
> should only transmit the differences, i.e. only additions/updates/removals
> to/from the properties object should be sent to the group.
> However, AbstractContext#getProperties() is public. Anybody who gets hold
> of this Map can add items to it, remove items from it, or update items in
> it. This makes it impossible for us to track the changes to the properties
> Map. Also, this is bad encapsulation. Users can add any object as the key to
> this Map which will break many things. I suggest we remove this method(or
> deprecate it?) and introduce the following;
> public Iterator getPropertyNames(); // Will return only the property names
> (keys in the Map)
> public void removeProperty(String key);
> public Object getProperty(String key);
> public void setProperty(String key, Object value);
> Without such a change, we may not be able to properly handle replication
> of the properties.
> --
> Thanks
> Afkham Azeez
> GPG Fingerprint: 643F C2AF EB78 F886 40C9  B2A2 4AE2 C887 665E 0760

Afkham Azeez
GPG Fingerprint: 643F C2AF EB78 F886 40C9  B2A2 4AE2 C887 665E 0760

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