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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Engaging modules at runtime.
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 14:42:03 GMT
Hi Saminda!

sumedha rubasinghe wrote:
> forwarding with correct prefix...
> Saminda Abeyruwan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> AxisConfiguration has the following methods,
>>   public void engageModule(AxisModule axisModule, AxisConfiguration 
>> axisConfig)
>>             throws AxisFault {
>>         engageModule(axisModule);
>>     }   --- > [1]
>>     private void engageModule(AxisModule module) throws AxisFault 
>> {...} --> [2]
>> What is the purpose of [1]. Wouldn't it better to modify the access 
>> modifier of [2] to *public* and remove [1].


However, this is a slightly more complicated problem.  The 
engageModule(AxisModule, AxisConfiguration) API comes from 
AxisDescription, so we'd need to change THAT one to really do this. 
This is exactly what I think we should do, since all AxisDescription 
objects should be able to find their AxisConfiguration without any 
problem - therefore they shouldn't need to have it passed in (and in 
fact even leaving the API the option of passing it means that it's 
possible for people to screw up and pass a *different* AxisConfiguration 
than the one the current object belongs to... good APIs should protect 
against things like this).

So I'd propose we remove the first version, and refactor the second 
version up to AxisDescription.


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