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From Bjorn Townsend <>
Subject Towards an Axis 1.5 Release (Reprised)
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 00:18:47 GMT

I sent out an email on March 30th soliciting responses to a proposed  
release plan for an Axis 1.5 release.  I haven't gotten any responses  
to it yet (though I did see Dims reference it in response to a user's  
question the following week) so I thought I'd respectfully request  
your thoughts on the matter once again.  Here's a link to the  
proposed release plan once again:

Before work on Axis 1.5 can truly begin, we need to get the tests  
working. Currently, the Axis 1.4 and Axis 1.x trunk test suites  
cannot be run successfully. I've already put a little work into this,  
and opened two new issues in the Axis JIRA to track the problems: (Tests throw errors  
when run from within an svn working directory) - NOTE: I've attached  
a patch with a potential fix in JIRA for this one (Tests depending on  
the services hosted at cannot run)

Obviously the second problem is by far the greater one -- it's due to  
the fact that the host is no longer  
responding, so the services that the tests depended on cannot be  
accessed.  I'm hoping to get some input on how best to solve this  
problem, and have put forth the options as I see them in the JIRA  
issue itself.  I plan to tackle the problem, but I'd really like to  
get input on which way to proceed.

I'd also really like to get input on my release plan proposal.  Is  
anyone else interested in working on Axis 1.5?


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