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From Nicholas L Gallardo <>
Subject Re: [axis2] Continuum build and JAXWS
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 20:38:24 GMT
I just did a clean pull and found a failure under the SOAP12 Dispatch 
tests.  The endpoint is not being deployed properly.  This could be due to 
a number of things.  In these sort of things have been a result of 
deployment changes that were built with Java 1.4.x and not 1.5 so the 
JAX-WS tests were not run.

I'll update the list when I figure out what's up.


Glen Daniels <> 
03/20/2007 02:58 PM
Please respond to

Axis-Dev <>

[axis2] Continuum build and JAXWS

Anyone know what's going on there?  Me no likely build failures. :)

Since the JAXWS stuff is going to be experimental in this next release 
anyway, would it perhaps make sense to have one "main" build that does 
not include the JAXWS module, and then an "advanced" build that does? 
Then we can roll it into the main build after 1.2?  Thoughts?


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