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From "Tom Jordahl" <>
Subject RE: Problem with the namespace prefix in Axis
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2007 16:53:21 GMT
No, namespace prefixes are not significant in SOAP messages.  They are
just a shorthand.

Axis doesn't preserve them in any way (nor do most other toolkits that I
am aware of).



Tom Jordahl

Adobe ColdFusion Team


From: anup bansal [] 
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2007 3:39 AM
Subject: Re: Problem with the namespace prefix in Axis


Hi All,


Has anyone never faced this problem before? 

I debugged the Axis 1.4 code and found that during serialization of the

received, (Client respone handler), the URIs are mapped to default
namespace prefix values and the original prefixes received with the
mesages are ignored. 

Is there a way to get around this and make Axis use the same prefixes as
recevied? Can I set some prameter in my client-config.wsdd to disable

I have already tried the "enableNamespacePrefixOptimization" property
but it too does not work?


Please help me.. Its really very urgent.


Thanks & regards,


Anne Thomas Manes <> wrote:

	As long as the prefix maps to the correct namespace URI, the
	are semantically identical. Your handler should be to handle any
	prefix string.
	On 2/27/07, anup bansal wrote:
	> Hi All,
	> I am using Axis 1.4 for accessing a third party weservice. I
am able to
	> connect to the service and receive the response.
	> The prefixes in the response I receive is not the same as the
the one sent
	> by the service. The difference lies in the name space prefix
	> As a result the response header is not being validated.
	> Axis is replacing the namespace prefixes with its own prefix
	> For e.g. the prefix value sent for the SOAP Body is soap12,
where as Axis
	> converts it into soapenv.
	> Is this a bug in Axis or is there a way to get around this
problem? Can you
	> please help?
	> Regards,
	> Anup
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