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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [axis2] Continuum build and JAXWS
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 21:41:05 GMT
Asankha C. Perera wrote:
> The unit test should always pass.. else more commits may go on adding to 
> the already broken build. Else we must selectively remove the tests that 
> we do not consider as critical for the release as Glen suggests. The 
> build must not be broken, and even if it happens, it shouldn't be for 
> more than a day at most..

Agreed.  A little more commentary:

There is the core system (Axis2), and then there is stuff built around 
and on top of that (Sandesha, Rampart, etc - and I would put JAXWS into 
this category, though that might be naive).  The unit tests in the core 
system *should* completely exercise all the functionality that the 
higher layers depend on... *without* having to actually use those higher 
layers as the tests themselves.

In other words - if something that gets changed in Axis2 passes the 
Axis2 build tests, but breaks Rampart, then either a) Rampart was 
incorrectly using an Axis2 component, or b) the Axis2 tests were missing 
something.  In either case the unit tests should be vetted each time 
this happens with any of our higher-level partners.

The way to keep this all happening is with Continuum/Gump/etc - there 
should be a "core" build which is as fast as possible, and which ONLY 
runs the unit tests for the core (remember, those tests should be 
fleshed out whenever it's discovered that some other component relies 
upon functionality for which there is not yet a unit test).  That's the 
standard "developer build".  Then there is the "integration build" which 
tests the newly built Axis2 in context with everything else - this is 
where Sandesha, Rampart, etc. etc. all get tested.  I would think JAXWS 
would go in that bucket too, but maybe not?

When something breaks the integration build, we decide how to deal, 
usually by fixing the external component or by adding a new unit test to 

Does that sound about right to folks?


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