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From "Vasil Benov" <>
Subject [AXIS2] Wrong parameter names for mail transport in axis2.xml
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 07:46:53 GMT
Hi axis2 devs,

I have found out that the parameter names in the axis2.xml for configuring
mail transport bear wrong names.

here the relevant sections from the axis2.xml file:

<transportReceiver name="mail" class="
    <parameter name="" ....> i think this parameter is
needed as well (it is missing in the default axis2.xml)
    <parameter name=""
=> should read name="" ...
    <parameter name="transport.mail.pop3.user"
locked="false">axis2</parameter>        => shuold read name="mail.pop3.user"
    <parameter name="transport.mail.pop3.password"
    <parameter name="transport.mail.pop3.port"
locked="false">110</parameter>  => should read name="mail.pop3.port"

<transportSender name="mailto" class="
    <parameter name=""
=> should read name="" ...
    <parameter name="transport.mail.smtp.user"
locked="false">axis2</parameter> => shuold read name="mail.smtp.user" ...
    <parameter name="transport.mail.smtp.password"
    <parameter name="transport.mail.smtp.port" locked="false">25</parameter>
should read name="mail.pop3.port"

Regards Vasil

Vasil Benov,
Mobile: +359(0)889/202682
@-mail: benovv at gmail dot com
ICQ: 140269988

GPG Fingerprint: 2CDC 5DA0 4C0A 7C06 5259  DE12 ACF3 177C 8906 0908
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