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From "Ibai Perez Arbulu" <>
Subject RE: Possible Axis 1.4 Bug
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 14:59:55 GMT
All the neccesary information is attatched to those mails (WSDL, WSDD, JARs,...).
I changed the WSDL provided by Axis so as to work with Netbeans, but after that, I didn´t
change the Axis related part at all!
So, I take note, in conclusion, in your opinion, I should regenerate the Java Object (Sumador)
from which Axis generates the Web service.
Am I right?


De: Anne Thomas Manes [] 
Enviado el: miércoles, 07 de marzo de 2007 15:49
Asunto: Re: Possible Axis 1.4 Bug

btw -- after you did this:

> As you can see in the project I send some days before, I took this 
> WSDL and removed the Schema to paste it in the Operacion.xsd file 
> under the " <> " 
> <> namespace . Then, I imported this XML 
> Schema to the WSDL under the 
> _"__http://stiperez:7070/axis/services/Sumador" namespace._ What's 

> wrong with this??
> Consider that the In-Line validator of WSDL schemas doesn´t work 
> properly!!
Did you then regen the service skeleton using wsdl2java?


On 3/7/07, Anne Thomas Manes <> wrote: 

	The last 6 mails don't provide enough information.
	Please summarize the problem. Include appropriate WSDLs, WSDDs, etc.
	On 3/7/07, Ibai Perez Arbulu <> wrote: 

		Please, read the last 6 mails (from 2007-03-02 on), they sumarize the key subject!
		P.D: In the mail forom Kiran ( the one posted in 2007-03-02) read client as partner!
		Thank you!


		De: Anne Thomas Manes [] 
		Enviado el: miércoles, 07 de marzo de 2007 15:29
		Asunto: Re: Possible Axis 1.4 Bug
		Please summarize the problem for us.
		On 3/7/07, Ibai Perez Arbulu <> wrote: 

first of all, I'm using Axis 1.4 with Tomcat 5.5 and JDK 1.6.
We've found an issue wih the namespaces in the SOAP message returned by Axis.
In order to follow this issue from the begining to the analysis of the problem, please, follow
this thread at NetBeans Enterprise Pack Mailing list: 
Thank you!



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