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From anup bansal <>
Subject Re: Problem with the namespace prefix in Axis
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 07:54:19 GMT
Hi Anne, 
  I think that I have not clearly described the problem. Let me explain you the problem again:
  The third party webservice sign the response they send to us with their own specific prefix
  When we receive the response, we validate it. During validation we compare the digest values
and signature values.
  However the response we receive contains different prefix values (these are the ones converted
by Axis). 
  To get the same digest values, the prefix values also have to be same. But since the prefix
values are different, the digest value generated is
  different and hence the comaprison fails.
  For e.g. Webservice generates the digest value for the following timestamp tag:
  <wsu:Timestamp wsu:Id="Timestamp">
  The response we receive contains the timestamp tag with the following value:
  <ns1:Timestamp ns1:Id="Timestamp">
  The digest values of these are different due to different namespace prefix values and hence
our validation fails.
  I hope I am able to expalin it clearly. Syntatically the prefixes map to the correct URI
but the problem lies in the generation of the digest values.
  Can I in anyway make AXIS use the same prefix values as I have received it.
  Kind regards,

Anne Thomas Manes <> wrote:
  As long as the prefix maps to the correct namespace URI, the messages
are semantically identical. Your handler should be to handle any
prefix string.


On 2/27/07, anup bansal wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am using Axis 1.4 for accessing a third party weservice. I am able to
> connect to the service and receive the response.
> The prefixes in the response I receive is not the same as the the one sent
> by the service. The difference lies in the name space prefix values.
> As a result the response header is not being validated.
> Axis is replacing the namespace prefixes with its own prefix values.
> For e.g. the prefix value sent for the SOAP Body is soap12, where as Axis
> converts it into soapenv.
> Is this a bug in Axis or is there a way to get around this problem? Can you
> please help?
> Regards,
> Anup
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