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From "Sameera Madushan" <>
Subject Re: [axis2] Pinging capability to services deployed in Axs2
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2007 05:29:05 GMT
Hi Dims, Deepal

Actually the idea is to develop a custom ping module with appropriate
handlers. One of the ping handlers should be added to the dispatch phase
before the 'InstanceDispatcher' (Inflow). If the service is deployed and it
is active, then ping handler can get the service status from
AxisConfiguration. If the service is not deployed then the service
information is not available in the AxisConfiguration. Then the ping module
can respond to the ping requests accordingly.

well... this is the fundamental functionality of the ping module, monitoring
the availability of the services deployed in axis2. But extending the
MessageReceiver api with a ping method will enhance this functionality.
Since the method is added to the AbstractMessageReceiver it will not break
the existing implementations of the MessageReceiver interface. This ping
method can be used to check real status of the services, whether they are up
and running. There may be instances, where the services are available but
they are not in a position to respond to requests. If the required
dependencies are not available for the services, then they fail to respond
and also in some cases there may be some things to be completed before the
services can actually respond. These service dependent issues can be
monitored using the pinging capability, if we provide the ping method to the
message receiver implementers.


On 2/7/07, Deepal Jayasinghe <> wrote:
> Hi Sameera ;
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Managing the deployed web services is becoming mandatory and
> > important, because the usage of web services is increasing in the
> > enterprise. One requirement which can arise in managing the web
> > services is to monitor the availability of the services and to check
> > the status of the services whether they are up and running. And also
> > service managers may need to perform these activities periodically. In
> > some cases, services can be down for maintenance, then there has to be
> > a way for the requesters to check its availability.
> >
> > In the current situation invoking the service is the only option to
> > get the status of the services. But invoking each and every service
> > for this purpose is not a good idea either.
> >
> > The above requirements can be satisfied by introducing a pinging
> > capability to the service deployed in Axis2. Here is how it happens.
> > Users can send ping requests to the specified services. For these
> > requests, ping responses can be sent indicating service status.
> >
> > Extending the AbstractMessageReceiver api with a method(say ping)
> > which returns a boolean value, will enable message receiver
> > implementors to write their own logic to test the status of the
> > service. For an example in this ping method, one can check whether the
> > required dependencies for the service is available or not.
> I dont see any requirement of changing API , if you want to know the
> service is up and running then what you can do is get the service state
> from AxisConfiguration. You can get the status of the ho from
> AxisConfiguration where it is active or not.
> Thanks
> Deepal
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