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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: packaged projects required for 2 dependencies of commons-jelly-tags-soap
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 12:13:31 GMT
Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:
> Hello Stefan,
> it looks like the intention of the developers of commons-jelly-tags-soap 
> was to use two distinct saaj jars and two distinct jaxrpc jars,
> one from axis, and one from geronimo.
> The project.xml [1] of commons-jelly-tags-soap suggest that the gump 
> build could use the jars from axis twice, once for what they are and 
> once to replace the jars of geronimo.
> I wonder whether it would not be better to download geronimo and to use 
> the real jars of geronimo.
> I will give a shot at using twice the same jars, not sure whether it 
> will work to get a build, and even less sure that this will mean 
> anything. [2]

Looking at the dependencies of jelly,

It looks like it needs any one of
  -Sun JAX-RPC 1.3  (v2.0 is built in to Java 6), and is also built in 
to the javaee 5 artifact that is in the m1 repository.
  -Axis 1.2 (should be a later one of that)
  -geronimo 1.1
You have to uncomment the one you want; project.xml, ivy.xml and poms 
are yet to come to terms with the whole notion of aggregate/bundled XML 
specs floating around things

-they also depend on jaxme for javax.xml.namespace.QName, which is built 
in to Java5 and so not needed on Gump.

1. we can drop the jaxme dependency as gump is java1.5+
2. if jelly needs a jaxrpc, it should take the Axis1.x branch version, 
unless anyone on axis-dev says otherwise.

remember, these are just the interface files, not the implementation. A 
build against JAX-RPC 1.3 is all that they want, and they are not going 
to get it if they try and build on java6, no matter how hard they try.


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