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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: [Axis2][Axiom] Proposal to change the OMBuilder interface
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 05:36:11 GMT
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Thanks Thilina for the explanation. I was confused OMBuilder with the
StAXOMBuilder. (I was working too late :( )

Thilina Gunarathne wrote:
> Hi,
>> Well, what I can not understand is what a URL and a content type have to
>> do with an XML builder. Please remember that OMBuilder is a generic XML
>> object model builder.
> Let me explain the rational behind OMBuilder a bit.. We introduced
> OMBuilder concept to support the receiving of different message
> formats with Axis2.. OMBuilder implementations takes in the streams of
> these different formats, do the mapping to the XML and outputs a
> OMTree.. In other words OMBuilder implementations create OM trees for
> different message formats.  Only the result is XML.. Input may not be
> XML..
> These formats can be JSON , Fast Infoset, CSV, etc.... In order to
> support the required format user need to write a OMBuilder
> implementations with the logic to map the given format to XML and
> configure it in the axis2.xml.
>> I prefer if you handle non-XML things outside of this builder or even
>> write a new builder extending OMBuilder.
> All the builders will be implementations of OMBuilder interface. We
> need to have the interface concrete, since axis2 generically
> instantiates these builders without considering any knowledge of the
> particular format..
> I think what we need to find out is whether it is a valid use case to
> support the creation of an OM tree based on the content of the URL...
> thanks,
> Thilina
>> - From the information I got from this mail and the JIRA, I don't think I
>> agree with this proposal.
>> Keith, can you please be kind enough to explain a bit more on this as I
>> feel I am missing something here.
>> Thanks,
>> Chinthaka
>> Thilina Gunarathne wrote:
>> > Hi all,
>> > As requested in the AXIS2-2213 I would like to change the method
>> > signature of the  init method in the OMBuilder  as follows.
>> >
>> > public void init(InputStream inputStream, String charSetEncoding,
>> > String url, String contentType)
>> >
>> > URL will be useful when building an OM from query parameters. Also the
>> > content-type will be useful to find the boundary value when handling a
>> > boundary delimited message... This will be useful for
>> > multipart/form-data as well as for the MIME..
>> >
>> > With the above change we'll be able to move the MIME builder creation
>> > logic in to builders.. In order to make it possible I would like to
>> > add a getAttachments() method to the OMBuilder.
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> > Thilina
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