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From Deepal Jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Deployment options for JSR 181 artifacts
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2007 06:12:30 GMT
Hi Dims;

I have slightly different idea in mind , after we introduce Deployer
concept I am thinking of writing a new Deployer for this scenario. Since
with the new deployer mechanism user have flexibility of selecting the
directory (he might select pojo or bean directory). And user can deploy
his service either as .jar file or .class (or .jws) file.

I am not happy with option2 since he can easily create a jar and drop that.

So let's provide user flexibility of deploying a pojo as a jar file or
class file , if the file is jar then as you suggested in option1 we scan
though the jar and find the annotated files and make them a services.


Davanum Srinivas wrote:

> Folks,
> Picking back up from the old thread [1]. We already support specifying
> JAXWSMessageReceiver in a services.xml and the ServiceClass pointing
> to a class that has annotations.
> Here are some additional options, we need to pick one or more of these:
> Option #1: User drops jar into services directory. One or more of the
> classes in the jar have a @Webservice Annotation. (Like the multiple
> services in our services.xml). We could just pick up the Main-Class
> attribute in the manifest like sanjiva mentioned instead of scanning
> the whole jar. If that is absent then scan the whole jar.
> Option #2: User creates a directory under services and drops the
> class(es) under the directory. This is equivalent to creating a
> services.xml under a directory like we have now.
> repo/services/MyService/org/apache/sample/MyService.class
> {Question here is, do we need the additional MyService directory layer)
> Option #3: Variant of Option #1. But look under beans directory
> (instead of services)
> Option #4: Variant of Option #3. But look under beans directory
> (instead of services). In this case the single class deployment looks
> like this
> repo/beans/org/apache/sample/MyService.class
> Note: For both #1 and #2, we have to update the processing for
> services.list to pick up the jars/classes for unpacked war deployment.
> Since we can't traverse the directories in unpacked war. Right now we
> specify the name of the aar(s) in services.list.
> Did i miss anything? Please chime in quickly since we need to wrap
> this up to get something working for 1.2's experimental support.
> thanks,
> dims
> [1]

"The highest tower is built one brick at a time"

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