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From "Davanum Srinivas" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] -New feature : Adding custom deployer
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2007 12:12:00 GMT

Did you test this with app servers that don't explode the war? We
always seem to break that with any change in deployment. Other than
that, Huge +1 for this.


On 2/9/07, Deepal Jayasinghe <> wrote:
> Hi All;
> The BOF we had at the ApcheConUS 2006 I suggested the idea of supporting
> custom deployers into Axis2. The main reason with that was in Axis2 we
> can not easily deploy new file extension (as an example JavaScript ) ,
> and In JAXWS side they are doing all the initialization at the
> MessageReceiver level since they do not have a deployment plug point. So
> with this approach we have much more flexibility ,among them
> - If you do not like the directory name "services" and "modules" then
> you can easily changed that to whatever you like
> - If you do not like the .aar , .mar file extension you can easily
> change that to whatever you like
> - If you want make a javaScript into a AxisService (or Module) and you
> want to deploy that into a new directory inside the repository (let's
> say folder called "javaScript") you can easily do that.
> - If you want to deploy test file as a service, module, Transport or
> even Parameter you can do that
> - Among the most useful thing we can easily write a new Deployer to make
> Axis1 service into Axis2
> I spent last night and completed the new approach (I am very sorry for
> implementing the feature w.o letting know the community), which
> introduces a new Interface called "Deployer" with fore method. If you
> want to write a new Deployer then you need to implement that .
> I changed the current Deployment mechanism to work the new approach.
> With new approach if you want to add new Deployer, then the following
> are the steps;
> - First write a class implementing Deployer interface
> - Second add the following entry to to axis2.xml
> <deployer extension="aar" directory="service"
> class="org.apache.axis2.deployment.ServiceDeployer"/>
> I think this is one of the very cool features I added to Axis2 and hope
> no one will -1 on this , I will commmit the changes soon. If everything
> goes well we can keep the code else we can revert.
> here is my +1 for this feature as well as for commiting the code.
> Thanks
> Deepal
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