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From "Tom Jordahl" <>
Subject RE: [Axis2] Maven2 for Axis2 1.2?
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2007 21:09:19 GMT
Chiming in *really* late on this thread, but I still don't see the
advantages to Maven over JPA (Just Plain Ant).

Sure seems like Axis2 spends more time worrying about Maven than we all
did in Axis1 land rewriting our functional test system (and complaining
about what we ended up with ;-).

Why don't you just get rid of it entirely?  Bet your build would go fast

Tom Jordahl
"Grump old Axis 1.x developer"

-----Original Message-----
From: Eran Chinthaka [] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 1:50 PM
Subject: Re: Maven2 for Axis2 1.2?

Hi David,

I also agree with you about the speed maven2 provides compared to
maven1. That was very much obvious for me when I was using maven2 to
build Axiom.

BUT, this effort should be done and maintained by some one and he/she
should be able to handle issues as fast as possible. Well that statement
might seen unfair in the open source world, but please understand that
all the devs have a very hard dependency on the build system. If there
is a problem, then if they can't fix it, then they can not do *anything*
after that.

Even you have mentioned, you don't have much of time for this effort.
Jochen was doing a very good job, but I didn't see it is finished yet.
Please do remember that we have lot of custom scripts inside Axis2 and,
*each and everyone* of them are important.

So if some one is converting Axis2 to maven2 and is trying to remove
maven1 scripts, then
 - all the modules must be converted to maven2
 - all the scripts, including release and day-to-day used
compile-and-test goals must be converted.
 - there should be documentation on the new goals available as AFAIK,
most of the devs are still very new to maven2

Until then I prefer maven1. It is better to keep a known devil than an
unknown angel :).

Please please do not take this as an opposing idea to convert to maven2.
I also prefer very much for that. But I can not forget the unpleasant
experiences I had, when I was releasing Axiom, some time ago (But Thanks
Jochen for later fixing those problems).

+1 for moving security modules out of Axis2. But please make sure, there
is enough integration tests written inside Axis2, to compensate for
security integration tests.

-- Chinthaka

David Illsley wrote:
> Hi all,
> I had a play with using Maven2 for Axis2 recently to see what kinds of
> speedups we could get. Dims noticed, we had a chat, and he asked me to
> write up my thoughts.
> It wasn't totally simple so I focussed on the kernel module and got
> about a 50% speedup between a maven -o clean test and a mvn -o clean
> test
> The current approach of having build files for both isn't really
> working because it's difficult to keep them in sync which (at the
> moment) means build breaks in the maven2 build. It's also I think lead
> to a problem with the maven2 artifacts publshed for 1.1 Finally,
> maven2 encourages certain styles that doesn't match with maven1 so
> it's not easy to take full advantage of maven2 in parallel with a
> maven1 build.
> Given that, I'd suggest that moving forward we either switch entirely
> to maven2 for the next release or remove the incomplete and
> erratically maintained maven2 poms. If the former approach is taken I
> believe that it would be possible to temporarily maintain both systems
> so as not to lose build stability.
> I think that moving to maven2 would probably be a good move but it
> will need buy-in from everyone as it will affect all modules*. Dims
> has suggested 1.2 is a reasonable target, aiming it at 1Q '07 and I
> agree though I don't have lots of time to commit to this effort.
> What do people think?
> David
> * This might also be a good time to move the security modules out to a
> separate project as we've discussed before.

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