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From "Dan Diephouse" <>
Subject Re: SOAP over JMS specifications
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2007 20:55:32 GMT
Cool! I was just about to email you about this, I ran a search through my
inbox, and low and behold you sent this off a few hours ago :-).

I know this is the first public review, but do you anticipate their being
more release candidates or do you envision it going to straight to 1.0? Or
is that undecided at this point?

On 1/12/07, Glen Daniels <> wrote:
> [apologies if you get this twice, it didn't seem to go through the first
> time]
> Hi Axis-Dev'ers:
> As some of you may know, several companies (BEA, IBM, Progress, and
> TIBCO) have been working on a formal set of specifications for binding
> SOAP to the Java Message Service API.  These specs consist of a) a SOAP
> binding, and b) a description of the "jms:" IRI scheme which is used for
> addressing.  The specs do NOT cover an interoperable wire-level
> representation which could bridge different vendors' JMS implementations
> - though a future version might go there.  This version has been
> designed so that plugging in a different implementation should work
> seamlessly without recompiling any code; as such we define a
> BytesMessage encapsulation of SOAP (and MTOM), a "Content-Type" JMS
> header, and a few other needed parts.
> While this work has been progressing within the group up until now, we'd
> like to announce that the specs are now at a point we feel is suitable
> for public consumption.   They are attached to this email, and please
> feel free to discuss.  It is our hope that the Axis community will be
> among our first implementers, and that we can help to make SOAP-over-JMS
> pluggability a reality.
> If you'd like to give us technical feedback on the specs, we request
> that you do two things - first, please send feedback to "soapjms" at
> (not putting in a link due to potential spam issues).
> Second, please include the following license text with the accept box
> checked.  This is purely to make sure we have the right to use any IP
> you toss our way in future versions of the spec.
> Thanks,
> --Glen
> --------------------------------------
> Please be aware that you need to accept that any feedback you provide
> will only be accepted if you indicate that you accept the terms of the
> feedback license detailed below. Please include the Feedback license and
> an indication of your acceptance using the following "I understand and
> accept the terms of the above agreement." in any response that includes
> feedback.
> Feedback License
> BEA Systems Inc., International Business Machines Corporation, Sonic
> Software and TIBCO Software Inc. (the "Companies") are developing the
> IRI Scheme for Java Message Service and SOAP over Java Message Service
> specifications (the "Specifications"). The Companies would like to
> receive input, suggestions and other feedback ("Feedback") on the
> Specifications. By signing below, you (on behalf of yourself if you are
> an individual and your company if you are providing Feedback on behalf
> of the company) grant the Companies under all applicable intellectual
> property rights owned or controlled by you or your company a
> non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable,
> royalty-free license to use, disclose, copy, publish, license, modify,
> sublicense or otherwise distribute and exploit Feedback you provide for
> the purpose of developing and promoting the Specifications and in
> connection with any product that implements and complies with the
> Specifications.
> You warrant to the best of your knowledge that you have rights to
> provide this Feedback, and if you are providing Feedback on behalf of a
> company, you warrant that you have the rights to provide Feedback on
> behalf of your company. You also acknowledge that the Companies are not
> required to incorporate your Feedback into any version of the
> Specifications.
> [ ] I understand and accept the terms of the above agreement.
> [ ] I disagree with the above agreement.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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Dan Diephouse
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