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From "Nencho Lupanov" <>
Subject Re: logging module sample
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2007 12:11:35 GMT
Hi Charitha,

I already tried with logging.mar and also logging-1.1.mar.
It keep throwing the same exception, like it cannot understand the module

I have the followin structure:

   --- META-INF
   --- userguide
            --- loggingmodule

this is packaged as logging.mar and put in axis2/WEB-INF/modules.
I get the java source files from the example dir.
Here it is the module.xml file:

<module name="logging" class="userguide.loggingmodule.LoggingModule">


<handler name="InFlowLogHandler" class="userguide.loggingmodule.LogHandler">

<order phase="loggingPhase"/>




<handler name="OutFlowLogHandler" class="userguide.loggingmodule.LogHandler

<order phase="loggingPhase"/>




<handler name="FaultOutFlowLogHandler" class="

<order phase="loggingPhase"/>




<handler name="FaultInFlowLogHandler" class="

<order phase="loggingPhase"/>



Here it is the services.xml file:

<service name="MyServiceWithModule">


This is a sample Web Service with a logging module engaged.


<module ref="logging"/>

<parameter name="ServiceClass" locked="false">userguide.example2.MyService</

<operation name="echo">

<messageReceiver class="


<operation name="ping">

<messageReceiver class="



about axis2.xml i put :

<phase name="loggingPhase"/>

for every phaseOrder type.

I could ask:

1) shall i rename the module archive to logging-1.1.mar and if I do that,
should i reference it from the

configuration files like: <module ref="logging"/>

2) Did you engage the module at service level or at system level (<module
ref="logging"/>  in axis2.xml)
thanks in advance,

2007/1/26, Charitha Kankanamge <>:
> Hi Nencho,
> I got the same error when deploying the sample-MyServiceWithModule.aar.
> This seems to be a bug in logging module sample.
> As a workaround , can you please rename the 'sample-logging.mar' in to
> 'logging.mar' and try again?
> regards
> Charitha
> Nencho Lupanov wrote:
> > Hi axis-dev team,
> >
> > I am trying to run the userguide example,especially
> > the logging module that comes with the binary distribution of axis2.1.1.
> >
> > I got the following error:
> >
> > org.apache.axis2.deployment.DeploymentException: logging module is
> > invalid or has not been deployed;
> >
> > Is this a known issue, is there any workaround?
> >
> > thanks in advance.
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