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From Lasantha Ranaweera <>
Subject Re: JAXWSMessageReciever Marshaller Problem
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2007 06:32:46 GMT
Hi Nich,

Thank you very much for the information. I have uploaded latest patch 
(number 2) to the Geronimo list under GERONIMO-2776.

I am basically trying to read a WSDL and  create JAXWS service by hand 
filling necessary composites for situations where class level 
annotations are not provided.

After some debugging sessions understand this is due to the missing JAXB 
objects in my application archive. It would be ideal if you can explain 
me how the JAXB bindings work for the JAXWS in the Axis2 side. :-)

Also is there any publicly available articles to refer JAXWS stuff on 
the Axis2?

Thanks Again,

Nicholas L Gallardo wrote:
> Hi Lasantha,
> Sorry for the delayed response here.
> I think I need to understand how you're deploying/configuring the 
> endpoint before I can provide guidance on what's going on here.  I 
> know we've already started the Geronimo integration, but I think some 
> of that is going to (or should probably) rely on similar work that 
> needs to be done in Axis2.  Do you have some information or 
> architecture that you can share for how this is being done?
> As far as this situation, the unmarshalling is going to be predicated 
> on what style of WSDL you have.  If you've just annotated a POJO and 
> then deployed that, the default WSDL mapping is to a Document/Literal 
> Wrapped style WSDL.  You can use the SOAPBinding annotation as you've 
> already seen to toggle between a Document and RPC style.  Only 
> "literal" use is supported.  JAX-WS does not support RPC/Encoded style 
> WSDLs.
> At a high level what will happen is, after the request comes in to the 
> JAXWSMessageReceiver, a decision will be made as to what 
> MethodMarshaller needs to be loaded.  This decision is based on the 
> information in the EndpointDescription/OperationDescription.  Each of 
> those objects is a view of the WSDL and annotation information 
> available for an endpoint/operation.  If those are not configured 
> correctly, then you won't have the right MethodMarshaller.
> Is the scenario that you have intended to truly be based on an "RPC" 
> style WSDL (as opposed to a "Document" style)?  I'm assuming that the 
> RPC in the RPCMessageReceiver is referring more to the fact that it's 
> for services that are based on an interaction that people would 
> consider RPC over a messaging style interaction.  Is that correct?
> Regards,
> Nicholas Gallardo
> WebSphere  -  WebServices Development
> Phone: 512-838-1182
> Building: 901 / 5G-016
> *"Lasantha Ranaweera" <>*
> 01/26/2007 11:09 PM
> Please respond to
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> Subject
> 	JAXWSMessageReciever Marshaller Problem
> Hi,
> This is a problem arised in the Geronimo Axis2 integration with
> JAXWSMessageReciever.
> I created an AxisService with a JAXWSMessageReciever as it's message
> reciever and trying to invoke the service using
> HTTPTransportUtils.processHTTPPostRequest() method. We are sending a RPC
> based SOAPRequest to the service invocation.
> The JAXWSMessageReciever then creates Marshaller for the unmarshall
> requests. This marshaller creation is entirely depends on the
> EndpointInterfaceDescriptionImpl SOAPBinding style. By default it creates
> a DocLiteralMarashaller and tries to unmarshall my RPC based request  and
> get failed with UnmarshallException :(. When I change the default
> SOAPBinding style in EndpointInterfaceDescriptionImpl to RPC it works fine
> (sure it's not the way to do it). Is this is the correct behaviour of
> Marshal creation of JAXWSMessageReciever? Shouldn't it be depends on
> SOAPMessage messaging mode too?
> BTW I have created a JIRA (AXIS2-2044) patch to remove some of the
> misleading information gives in the Axis2 integrating it with Geronimo.
> Thanks,
> Lasantha Ranaweera
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