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From Sanka Samaranayke <>
Subject Re: custom message receiver implementation
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 09:38:42 GMT
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Nencho Lupanov wrote:
> Saminda,thanks.
> I tried that and it worked!Now i defined anoder service in the
> services.xml. It is in the same service group.They both use the
> non-rpc custom message receiver. I put a second wsdl for the second
>  service of the service group - i named it <service_name>.wsdl. It
> is in the META-INF folder of the same deployed jar file. Now i can
> access the first service wsdl through the list services operation,
> but I cannot access the second service wsdl - i get the same
> error.So my question now is:
> If i describe two or more services in services.xml using non-rpc
> message receiver, can i also put the same cound of wsdl files in
> the META-INF folder and still expect to acess them from the axis2
> list services page?
> Greetings, nencho
> 2007/1/16, Saminda Abeyruwan <
> <>>:
> On 1/16/07, *Nencho Lupanov* <
> <>> wrote:
> Hi axis-dev team,
> I implemented a custom message receiver class extending
> AbstractInMessageReceiver
> <http://localhost:8080/axis2/rest/HelloWorldWS/sayHello?name=YourName>.
>  it is currently registred per service operation. When i list the
> axis2 services and try to view the wsdl of a particular service
> using that message receiver i get the following error:
> <error> <description>Unable to generate WSDL for this
> service</description> <reason>If you wish Axis2 to automatically
> generate the WSDL, then please use one of the RPC message receivers
>  for the service(s)/operation(s) in services.xml. If you have added
>  a custom WSDL in the META-INF directory, then please make sure
> that the name of the service in services.xml
> (/serviceGroup/service/@name) is the same as in the custom wsdl's
> service name (/wsdl: definitions/wsdl:service/@name).</reason>
> </error>
> it seems that Axis2 cannot generate dinamically WSDL fir non-rpc
> message receivers. Anyway i need to be able to access the wsdl
> within the the Axis2 monitoring services, so my question is:
> Is there any workaround to show a manually added wsdl in the
> META-INF directory of the particular service, instead of the
> dinamically generated one?

Make sure that that name attribute of the service element of each wsdl
file, matches name of a one service in the services.xml exactly ..


> Add the wsdl to the META-INF folder. The service binding  name of
> the wsdl should be the  name of  service.
> thanks in advance, nencho
> -- Saminda Abeyruwan
> Software Engineer WSO2 Inc. - <>

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Sanka Samaranayake
WSO2 Inc.
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