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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: Custom Message Receiver use cases
Date Sun, 14 Jan 2007 05:17:12 GMT
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Comain Chen wrote:
> Hi, Eran
> I am quite interested in your 2nd reason.
> However, it seems that you can only avoid using java reflection during
> operation routing. Before it starts to invoke the specific operation, it
> has to deserialize the XML document into corresponding operation
> parameter objetcs, which will use Java reflection(If you use any binding
> frameworks, such as ADB, JAXB, etc.), and is more performance critical.

Well, we do not do that, at least in ADB.

The ADB data objects, that are code gen'ed directly works on StAX. What
you have, when you are just about to de-serialize, is a StAX reader,
from the input stream. ADB is designed to work with StAX. IIRC, we do
not need reflection in this case.

> Of course, if you decide to write your own data binding with RawXMLMR,
> you can still avoid this with a lot of painful work.  

I totally agree with you. But most people do not want to get in to the
hazel of writing yet another data binding framework. We know, from
experience, how difficult it was :).
And 95% of the people, in my guess, like to work with java objects, than
with raw XML.

- -- Chinthaka
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