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From Justin Schoeman <>
Subject SOAPAction required?
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 14:17:26 GMT
I am busy testing an application at the moment (against the 9 January 

When I test with an AXIS2 generated client, all works fine, but when 
testing with a .Net client, I get an 'The endpoint reference (EPR) for 
the Operation not found is and the WSA 
Action = ' error.

Reading the SOAP documentation on the SOAPAction/action parameter:
  "The presence and content of the action parameter MAY be used by 
servers such as firewalls to appropriately filter SOAP messages and it 
may be used by servers to facilitate dispatching of SOAP messages to 
internal message handlers etc. It SHOULD NOT be used as an insecure form 
of access authorization.

Use of the action parameter is OPTIONAL. SOAP Receivers MAY use it as a 
hint to optimize processing, but SHOULD NOT require its presence in
order to operate."

It seems as though it should be acceptable to send the request with 
SOAPAction "", but it seems not to be allowed by AXIS2. Or am I doing 
something wrong?

WSDL file is provided by a commercial organisation, and is claimed to be 


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