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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: [AXIS2] MTOM Policy assertion
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 02:18:51 GMT
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Dimuthu, if you can brief the way we are thinking of implementing this,
it would be easier for us to understand where it should go.

IIRC, Ruchith implemented the security policy by just populating policy
information in to a set of beans. What will be your approach?

== Chinthaka

David Illsley wrote:
> IMO this 'feels' like something that could quite possibly be of wider
> use than Axis2 - i.e. another web services engine which uses neethi
> which is why I'm all for putting things in neethi (which is imo a more
> resuable place) when reasonable. Of course, if there's axis2 specific
> code in there then it can't. I'm happy for the assertion to live in
> Axis2 for the moment but I'd prefer axis2 doesn't fill up with policy
> code which has a broader scope.
> David
> On 08/01/07, Thilina Gunarathne <> wrote:
>> I'm +1 for seperating out Savan and to keep the Axis2 core clean.
>> But IMHO this is something which is quite different to Savan.. Also
>> this might need to be coupled with Axis2 more than Savan.. IMO this is
>> something which we can consider as part of Axis2 core..
>> Also I do not think this has the potential to become a seperate project..
>> Just my 2 cents..
>> ~Thilina
>> On 1/8/07, Eran Chinthaka <> wrote:
> Dimuthu Leelaratne wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Then we'll put it in Axis2 tree.
> +1 from me too, but only for the time being, for Dimuthu to go ahead
> with development.
> Seems like it is the time to re-structure Axis2 as well. See we have
> things like this and Savan, inside Axis2, which are optional. I
>>> think we
> should leave Axis2 project, only with core components and create
> separate projects to hold modules and extensions. It is just like
>>> Apache
> Server and its module projects.
> -- Chinthaka
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