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From Deepal Jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: Concurrency in RPC Service with transportscope
Date Mon, 01 Jan 2007 16:57:15 GMT
Hi  Ivan ;
pls see my comment below;

>Hello All,
>  I submitted improvement request into JIRA (
>  And after I done some testing one more question arise.
>  I have a simple RPC service with transportscope running on http port.
>  So according to the doc's Axis will bound my service to the transport session, in my
case it is HttpSession,
>  and will use the same service for all requests within a session.
Yes , the same service impl will be used to serve all the request coming
through that particular transport session.

>  So the question how is Axis handle concurrency when service implementation need to have
an access to the session ?
Axis2 handle that using Thread Local , where we store the message
context in side the the TL and service impl need to get the session
using MessageContext. Other than that Axis2 dose not handle any concurrency.

>  Because my proposed solution for AXIS-1911 is not thread safe without obtaining a monitor
on service implementation.
>  Is there are a way to notify implementation when it is bound to the session and unbound
Yes ,
when the session start it will call;
init(ServiceContext sc){

and when the session finishes;
destroy(ServiceContext  sc){

You can add those two methods into your service impl class , then those
will be called using java reflection.


>  It will be most desirable behavior and thread safe.

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