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From "Lin Sun" <>
Subject RE: [Axis2] geronimo integration
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 20:03:24 GMT
Hi there, Happy New Year!  I've been looking at the CXF and Axis1 geronimo
integration code and the earlier post by David Blevins on Axis2 geronimo
(  I agree with David and think it
makes sense to follow the same Axis1 Geronimo integration architecture for

I started to read the code related to pojo.   IIRC, in Axis1 integration
code, the AxisWebServiceContainer.invoke(req, res) would pass the Request
and Response object to the MessageContext, which will invoke the SOAPService
to process the MessageContext and send the response message back (the 2
lines below):   


                responseMessage = messageContext.getResponseMessage();

I envision that I'll need an Axis2WebServiceContainer class that implements
WebServiceContainer, similar as AxisWebServiceContainer.  However, seems the file is gone in Axis2.  How should the
Axis2WebServiceContainer (from Geronimo) communicate with Axis2 (e.g. pass
the request to Axis2 and get a response back from Axis2)?   
Any insight is appreciated!


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Subject: [Axis2] geronimo integration

Hi there,

I am new to the list and Axis2.   From the dev archive, I saw there was some
discussion earlier this year about Axis2 Geronimo integration.  Has anyone
made any progress on this?  I am interested in helping out.   I am
interested in knowing more about the APIs that handles the properties in
webservices.xml file (like WebServiceDescriptionType, WebServicesType,
PortComponentType files in CXF) and the APIs to send the message to the
message receiver in Axis2 engine.  

Thx in advance for your reply!


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