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From "Ajith Ranabahu" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] More questions on WSDL2Java options
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 02:14:50 GMT

> Which are the valid values for the attribute "dbf"?
> adb, xmlbeans, jaxme, jibx, jaxbri?

Yes, basically the databinding types that are registered with the
system (see the  codegen.databinding.frameworks entry in the file) are allowed here

> What happens if the properties of the existing classes don't match
> the datatypes defined in XSD. Does the code generator check that?

Nope - usually what happens is that the extension that processes this
is at the last (or near to the last) of the extension chain so there
it overrides the whatever the populated mappings. Its upto the user to
determine whether he wants to use custom mappings or not and when he
does so it becomes his responsibility to make sure the classes are
compatible! The system just copies the entries in the file to the
internal mapping structure.

> Just to make sure that I got this right: this option is about the
> method signatures in the classes, *regardless* of the SOAP message
> style that is used. Or does this option only apply if a particular
> SOAP message style is used?

Well kind of  - The rpc/lit style is the primary style we can unwrap
but if the schema is compatible you can even unwrap a doc/lit WSDL.
However the system, when unwrapping is specified, tries to unwrap
regardless of the style.
> If this option is for ADB only, shouldn't it be -Euw instead?

No - even XMLBeans can be unwrapped (And jibx too) . So its a top
level option rather than a specific one.

> Yes, the classnames look more like Axis 1.x. But they are still dependent
> on Axis2 libs. So why would I want to use this option? Can you give an
> example when this is needed, please.

Think of it as this. The skeleton is not dependant on any Axis2
Specific libraries (unless you use either ADB or no databinding - even
in the ADB case the helper mode will cause plain java beans to be
generated with no traces of Axis2 specifics). If you do have a Axis1
skeleton already written then you can actually just place that class
and make it work in this case (perhaps with minor modifications but no
big changes that span the whole set of generated classes)


Ajith Ranabahu

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