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From "David Illsley" <>
Subject Re: Potential new SMTP binding for SOAP1.2
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 14:29:53 GMT
Sorry, I have to ask... why not ws-addressing?

You could embed an EPR with a refparam identifying the service in the
WSDL which should then be copied to the SOAP Header. Or even just use
the fact that the ?X-Service-Path would be automatically copied into a
wsa:To element.

Per Basic Profile 1.1 [1], "All vital information regarding the intent
of a message is carried in soap:Envelope."

Is another transport-specific out-of-envelope header really necessary?



On 06/12/06, Paul Fremantle <> wrote:
> Hi
> I've been working with a consortium who want to be able to use smtp
> mail for SOAP1.2. The current SOAP 1.2 binding for email has a concern
> that the message is the main body of the email, and might be corrupted
> by spam or anti-virus filters that add text into the message.
> So the proposal that is being made is that we base64 encode the SOAP
> message as an attachment into the email.
> In addition there is a problem of routing the email to the correct
> service. There are several options here:
> 1. We could use one email address per service. However, this might be
> a little annoying for anyone who pays per email address, because this
> might be expensive. It also adds an overhead for management.
> 2. We could use the subject line for routing. Unfortunately subject
> headers are routinely updated or truncated by spam filters.
> 3. We could add our own SMTP header, but this might be stripped out.
> 4. We could use a MIME header. Content-Description seems perfectly acceptable.
> We like #4 the best.
> Now we also need a URL syntax for this to specify in the WSDL or as an
> EPR. We could create a new URL syntax (e.g.
> but there already is a
> syntax: mailto.
> In order to capture the "path" to the service (e.g.
> /axis2/services/Version) we need to encode this into the mailto URL.
> If you read the mailto spec there is a way of encoding headers into
> the mailto URL, so I suggested that we could use this to capture the
> path information:
> This URL means include an SMTP header
> X-Service-Path: "/axis2/services/Version"
> Our spec would also say to copy that value over and add a mime-header
> Content-Description: "/axis2/services/Version"
> This has been written up here as a starting point (yes I know it needs work!)
> Paul
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> Paul Fremantle
> VP/Technology, WSO2 and OASIS WS-RX TC Co-chair
> "Oxygenating the Web Service Platform",
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