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From Deepal Jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: service lifecycle
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 04:47:18 GMT
Hi Tony;

Tony Dean wrote:

>Can someone answer this question for me...
>Since there appears to be a bug in startUp()... ie., the service is not fully initialized
by the time startUp() is called (AxisService.getFileName() returns null). 
Pls create a JIRA for this , then I can fix that b4 next release (since
at the moment we only fix the JIRAs ) .

> I was hoping to just avoid startUp() / shutDown() and just use init() / destroy() since
my service is using "application" scope.  Being that my service is application scoped, there
should only be one session created; hence, init() / destroy() called only once.  It appears
that init() is called during service deployment which is good for me since the one-time initialization
that I am doing in init() will get executed before the first actual service request.  I just
wanted to confirm this behavior with the experts since I do not want one-time initialization
overhead to be added to the first client's request.  Any comments?
Yes , if you deploy the service in application scope then the init
method will be called at the time when you deploy the service and not
when it receive the first request.

>Tony Dean
>SAS Institute Inc.
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