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From Thilo Frotscher <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] More questions on WSDL2Java options
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 02:58:29 GMT

> Think of it as this. The skeleton is not dependant on any Axis2
> Specific libraries (unless you use either ADB or no databinding - even
> in the ADB case the helper mode will cause plain java beans to be
> generated with no traces of Axis2 specifics). 

How can you use the Helper Mode with WSDL2Java?  The relevant section in
the documentation is empty (or white characters on white background :-))

> If you do have a Axis1
> skeleton already written then you can actually just place that class
> and make it work in this case (perhaps with minor modifications but no
> big changes that span the whole set of generated classes)

If I don't use ADB or AXIOM, the remaining options would be XML Beans,
JiBX, JaxMe or JAXB-RI. However these were not exactly the most popular
options for XML data binding with Axis 1.x :-)

Sorry, I still don't see how I could easily re-use an Axis 1.x skeleton.
If I use the normal RPCProvider or MsgProvider with Axis 1.x, these would
pass either POJOs into my service methods or DOM objects. So this is how
my method signatures would look like in an Axis 1.x skeleton. I don't
understandhow I should use/configure the WSDL2Java that comes with Axis2,
so that it generates a MessageReceiver which either passes POJOs or DOM
objects into a skeleton.


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