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From Thilo Frotscher <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] More questions on WSDL2Java options
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 01:11:31 GMT


>> -em: this is to specify an external mapping file. For what kind
>> of mapping?
> External databinding mappings. There has been numerous cases where
> users wanted to use the classes they already have (say the XMLBeans
> classes they've already generated seperately) rather than codegen
> generating them. The mapping file is an xml file in the following
> format
> <mappings dbf="adb">
>    <mapping>
>          <qname namespace="ns" prefix="p1">localName</qname>
>          <value>type</value>
>      </mapping>
> </mappings>

Which are the valid values for the attribute "dbf"?
adb, xmlbeans, jaxme, jibx, jaxbri?

What happens if the properties of the existing classes don't match
the datatypes defined in XSD. Does the code generator check that?

>> - uw: switches on unwrapping. Of What? Does this refer to wrapped
>> SOAP message style? Where can I find an example?
> I guess Dennis gave a good explanation of this. ADB unwrapping indeed
> works but it may 'glitch'  in some extreme cases. Anyway the
> noticeable change for the user is the change in the method signature.

Just to make sure that I got this right: this option is about the
method signatures in the classes, *regardless* of the SOAP message
style that is used. Or does this option only apply if a particular
SOAP message style is used?

If this option is for ADB only, shouldn't it be -Euw instead?

>> -b: I can see what this option is doing, but what is the actual
>> purpose of it??
> Backward compatibility flag. This basically drills down to the naming
> of the classes that are generated. When the flag is on, the generated
> class names are compatible with the Axis 1.x style ( that is why its
> called backward compatible flag :))

Yes, the classnames look more like Axis 1.x. But they are still dependent
on Axis2 libs. So why would I want to use this option? Can you give an
example when this is needed, please.


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