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From Jacobo Sánchez López <>
Subject Re: [AXIS2] java2wsdl and Date objects
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 20:18:53 GMT
Thanks for the reply,
  You are right, the mapping follows the specification and i was wrong
about the correct behavior. In my previous experiences with axis 1.x I
played with wsdl2java and the mapping of 'date' in java is a
'java.util.Date' object so i made a mistake assuming the mapping was
'date' <-> 'java.util.Date' when it is 'date' -> 'java.util.Date' and
'java.util.Date' -> 'dateTime'.

  Sorry for my mistake and my bad english explanations and thanks again,


El mié, 06-12-2006 a las 10:45 -0800, Manoj Khangaonkar escribió:
> Jacob,
> The generation is based on java to xml mapping as defined in the
> specification JAX-RPC 1.1. I have not
> looked at JAX-WS, but I suspect it has the same mapping.
> Have you tested the runtime behavior. I would expect the runtime to do
> the necessary conversion based 
> on what the target service expects - java.util.Date or
> java.util.Calendar.
> Mj
> On 12/6/06, Jacobo Sanchez <> wrote: 
>         Hi all
>         Hope this is the right place to talk about this:
>            I found that generating the wsdl from a java class with a
>         method returning a ' java.util.Date' object has the same
>         behaviour as using a 'java.util.Calendar '. In both generated
>         wsdl files the type is translated to 'dateTime'. I expected
>         the ' java.util.Date' object to be translated to 'date' so
>         debugged   a bit (svn source) and found that the '
>'  class is the one
>         that defines the same mapping for both java classes. 
>         My question is if it is working as intended or not and if it
>         is, how could i make a java object to be translated to 'date'
>         into the generated wsdl? 
>         Thanks for your hard work, 
>          Jacobo 

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