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From "Lasantha Ranaweera" <>
Subject Axis2 Using a Remote Repository
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 18:07:17 GMT

I have been following "Starting Axis2 Using a Remote Repository" as
described in the tutorial.

I tried to configure Axis2.war (1.1 version) in to a remote repository
configured one (changing the existing web.xml). The web.xml file has 4
initialization parameters (2 parameters by each Repository approach and
URL based). Now I am trying to change both URL based parameters
(axis2.xml.url and axis2.repository.url) in the web.xml. It can be done
according to the mentioned tutorial. Also to my understanding these values
are finally applied in the WARBasedAxisConfigurator class. Can anybody
please explain me the way this part works? It looks bit confusing for me
(both source code comments and web.xml comments making understanding bit
more difficult).

According to the 1.1 source code (no difference in trunk too) changing
both axis2.xml.url and axis2.repository.url at once will give an error in
the constructor of the WARBasedAxisConfigurator class. Looks like finally
populateAxisConfiguration(axis2Stream) calls twise for such situation.

I can't change the source code without knowing real business logic here
:(. If somebody can please explain me how it should work that will be a
great help for my work, and I might be able to change the source code if
there is a bug here.

Lasantha Ranaweera

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