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From "Davanum Srinivas" <>
Subject [WSDL4J] Complicated imports causing problems in WSDL4J 1.6.1
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 00:53:52 GMT
Hi John/Folks,

Can we get some help fixing this problem? We are getting bad
information in a porttype which is deep inside imported wsdl (2 levels

JIRA Issue in Axis2:

Zip file with WSDL/XSD:

Code Snippet:

import javax.wsdl.Definition;
import javax.wsdl.Port;
import javax.wsdl.Service;
import javax.wsdl.factory.WSDLFactory;
import javax.wsdl.xml.WSDLReader;
public class TestImports {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        WSDLFactory wsdlFactory = WSDLFactory.newInstance();
        WSDLReader reader = wsdlFactory.newWSDLReader();
        reader.setFeature("javax.wsdl.importDocuments", true);
        reader.setFeature("javax.wsdl.verbose", true);
        Definition definition = reader.readWSDL(args[0]);
        Service service = (Service)
        Port port = (Port) service.getPorts().values().iterator().next();

Output on screen:
PortType: name={}SimpleServicePortType
Operation: name=createSimpleXXX
Input: name=:none
Output: name=:none

Actual PortType snippet from WSDL:
  <portType name="SimpleServicePortType">
    <operation name="createSimpleXXX">
      <input message="tns:createSimpleXXXRequest"
      <output message="tns:createSimpleXXXResponse">


Davanum Srinivas : (Oxygen for Web Service Developers)

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