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From Andreas Schöller <>
Subject Re: issue-clarification 'incorrect local element definition with elementFormDefault=qualified' or not ?
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 18:15:15 GMT

Am 19.10.2006 um 18:51 schrieb Anne Thomas Manes:

> Please try it with Axis 1.4.

Hello Anne Thomas Manes,

thanks for your advice, and i'd really like to do so, but i simply  
can't. I could suggest your advice to the people at uni-leipzig which  
run the service. My prognosis on what their reaction might be, is  
smth. like : 'Hello, is there an issue with the axis release we use  
in our production system and who's affected by this (Java-, .NET- /  
PHP- / Python-clients in that order) ? Ahh, so it's unclear if  
there's a real issue - surely we won't touch/upgrade under these  
circumstances.'. Here is the crucial point where i need clarification  
from your side. Right now my position to ask them for a upgrade is  
obviously not too solid - as currently nobody is about to say if  
somethings is really broken here, except J. Boverhof, who did a clear  
statement. Things would be much easier as soon as one of your team  
would confirm that the release-candidate 1.2 has/had some issue and  
for sure that things will be great for all current users of the  
Wortschatz-Service as soon as they upgrade their site with axis- 
release 1.4. ?
Maybe i have been not clear enough - i don't use axis-libs directly -  
i'm trying to use axis-generated WSDL and SOAP-responses from python  
- so i guess i'm somehow in between the sheets ;-)
Would it be possible that you pls. check your bug-tracker for issues  
which might be connected to what was found, keeping in mind that you  
won't find any complaints from axis-clients as these are definitely  
not affected - proven by the fact, that the Java-client-Apps provided  
by uni-leipzip perform well. The complaining side might rather be  
PHP-, Perl-, Python-, younameit-clients.

thx & best regards, A. Schoeller

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