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From Deepal Jayasinghe <>
Subject [Axis2] Summery of todays Hackathon
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 22:54:12 GMT
Hi All;

Few note from todays Hackathon we had at ApacheCon US.

We are having very ugly name called finalizeInvoke() in service client
with restriction, so we (Glen and I agreed) to remove that method and
move the code into cleanup (well I am doing the changes in current

Why do we need operation client ?........
As Dennis suggested , having annon name as public static seems not that
good , so we need to remove them I mean we need to make the private.
Rather than giving two client API to client cant we have one API , we
can have all the methods in serviceClient then no one need to know about
the operationClient (service client will use that internally ). So our
proposal is to add few more methods into ServiceCleint;

public MessageContext sendReceive(MessageContext req){}
public void sendReceiveNonBlocking(MessageContext req){}
public fireAndForget(MessageContext req){}
public sendRobust(MessageContext req){}

if we introduce these methods into ServiceClient then we do not too much
worry about how to create operationClient etc...

I am +1 on adding these four methods in to serviceClient.

How do we reflect service group concept in to client , and manage
session using that. Well I do understand if we use Axis2 client <->
Axis2 service this will work , but what if we use .Net client <-> Axis2
Service. Is there any kind of specification sending session related data
in SOAP message ? , if there is such a thing then we need to use them.


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