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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject [AXIOM][Axis2] Sharing experiences while releasing Axiom
Date Sat, 16 Sep 2006 15:50:53 GMT


I had little bit of trouble, this time than any of the previous times,
while releasing Axiom.

It could have been better if the maven 1 to maven 2 migration was
completed before the release. In Axiom we release two artifacts (binary
and source) and I wrote two scripts for it, using maven1. But these were
not converted (AFAIK, I do not know if there are any as there were no
documentation). Since the folder structure was changed significantly
most of the scripts found in maven.xml were not working.

So when I was trying to release I couldn't use maven1 or maven2 for it,
which made me to waste extra time to fix the maven.xml.

Then came problems with site generation. For that, since maven2
structure enables resources in different folders (apt, resources, xdoc),
it was difficult to change maven1 to generate the site. And maven2
didn't support plain htmls to be put in the site. Meaning, if I put an
html, it will just show it without formatting them or adding left pane
and applying maven templates. If that has to happen, all the docs should
be converted either to apt or xdoc format. This would have been worse if
this happened during an Axis2 release as it has lots of documents.

Please do not take this as a blame. I also like the movement from maven1
to maven2, which has advantages like faster builds, etc.,
(FYI : Build time in Axiom is now 33 seconds with maven2 vs 1 min and 18
sec with maven1. And I can observe tests are running extremely fast)

But we must make sure we can do everything we did with maven1 also to be
done with maven2. Mind you, Axis2 has lots of scripts written in
maven.xmls in different places. I'd prefer if these are also converted
at once when the conversion happens.

So this is what I prefer to see when the conversion happens, in addition
to the pom.xml and changed folder structure:

1. converting or making sure *all* the documents are properly published
whilst generating the site
2. make sure *all* the scripts are working

Eran Chinthaka

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