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From Deepal Jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Options questions
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 08:04:56 GMT
Hi Dennis ;

> I'm also working on documentation for org.apache.axis2.client.Options,
> and again ran into some questions. Here's the list:
> 1. The COPY_PROPERTIES constant appears to be specifically for use by
> org.apache.axis2.context.AbstractContext? Also, the comment for the
> setProperties(Map) method discusses this flag, but doesn't actually do
> anything relating to it that I can see. I'm thinking the
> COPY_PROPERTIES constant should be moved to
> org.apache.axis2.context.AbstractContext and all mention of it dropped
> from Options, since it's just one of many special options.
I dont think anyone use this feature and I am +1 on completely remove this.

> 2. The getProperties() method isn't clear on what should be expected -
> for instance, can the returned map be manipulated directly by the
> user, or is it expected to be read-only? The code seems inconsistent,
> in that if there *are* any properties defined the map is returned
> directly, but if not then a copy of the parent properties map is
> returned. What is the intended use of this method?

It should be a read-only map. and which should copy the properties from
the parent and return them too.

> 3. The getRelatesTo(String) method doesn't make any allowance for
> multiple RelatesTo items with the same RelationshipType value. I
> didn't see anything in the WS-Addressing spec that says the
> RelationshipType values have to be unique, so I wonder if we need to
> worry about this case.

if that is the case need to create a JIRA  :)

> 4. The senderTransportProtocol field is only set by a deprecated
> method (setTransportInfo()) and doesn't appear to be used for
> anything, so it seems confusing to have this exposed as part of the
> API (via the getSenderTransportProtocol() method). I suggest deleting
> the field and method.


> 5. You can add ReferenceParameters using the addReferenceParameter()
> method - but there's no way to get the values, so WS-Addressing
> handling has apparently not been implemented. If we're going to have
> the add method present, we should implement handling.


> 6. Somewhat related to (5), the isManageSessions() and
> setManageSessions() methods set a flag which is in turn used by the
> addReferenceParameters() methods of
> org.apache.axis2.description.OutOnlyAxisOperation and
> OutInAxisOperation, but it's somewhat obscure to me what these are
> doing. Can anyone give the intended purpose of this manageSessions
> property of Options?

Say for instance you are invoking a a session aware service (say the
service is deployed in soapsession) , then you need to send the session
related data (service groupId). So when you set this flag one it will
automatically send the service group id back (not only that if there is
cookies it will send them too).

> 7. General comment on the design of this class - we've got a mix of
> values that are accessed using specific methods
> (get/setSoapVersionURI(), getSetTimeOutInMilliSeconds(), etc.) along
> with general properties that are stored in the map. It'd probably be
> cleaner and simpler to just store *all* property values in the map,
> using the current defined get/set methods simply as convenience
> methods to access values with predefined keys ("SOAPVersionURI" and
> "TimeOutInMilliSeconds", for instance).
> I'll enter Jiras for any appropriate issues, but wanted to first check
> the collective wisdom of the list for insights.

>  - Dennis

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