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From "Ajith Ranabahu" <>
Subject Re: WSS4J 2.0(?)
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2006 22:42:26 GMT
I'm also +1 on this move - it makes things modular and easy to handle.
BTW I don't think you need to move the integration tests - they are
*Axis2* integration tests and they should not go to any other project!
 Of course the rampart module will be external after the change but
that does not mean that the integration tests have to be too :)
I would also like to draw your attention to the structure of the
projects as well. If you look at the current project structure almost
all the projects that are under the ws project space are mostly
independent of each other [1]. For example WSS4J,Woden (which is
really incubated) and other tit bits in ws-commons. It is true that
there are projects that are explicitly focused on adding support to
other projects (like Kandula and Sandesha) but what I feel is that
since Savan and rampart are going to be very Axis2 specific, they
would not fit as immediate children of the ws project space. To me it
makes good sense to have a sub project called Axis2-modules (whatever
the name you guys prefer. I don't want it to be another naming war :))
and have savan and rampart under that - just like what we have in
ws-commons right now.

do I make any sense ?



On 8/31/06, Eran Chinthaka <> wrote:
> Another big +1 from me too.
> I was really worried about the increasing number of modules within Axis2
> project, but didn't take this up as people were busy with other
> important issues. I'd like to add two more things to Ruchith's proposal.
> 1. Move Savan also to a sub-project out of Axis2
> 2. Write some integration tests in Axis2 to compensate the valuable
> tests Ruchith had written to test the integrity of Axis2 client and
> server. Whenever you do some random changes in Axis2, security tests
> were failing as they were the only tests which tested the real
> integration. Since these tests also will be moved with Rahas and
> Rampart, we need to have some tests to compensate them
> 3. Need to have a gump like thingy setup to run all the tests in Axis2
> and related projects and to bug whoever breaks the total build.
> Any volunteers?
> -- Chinthaka
> Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:
> > On Thu, 2006-08-31 at 20:28 +0530, Ruchith Fernando wrote:
> >> Basically how about pushing these up to be two new sub projects or the
> >> Apache Web services project :
> >>
> >> Ramaprt - WS-Security and WS-SecureConversation implementation
> >> Rahas - WS-Trust implementation
> >>
> >> This is similar to the way we have Sandesha (WS-RM impl), and they
> >> will have their own release cycles etc. ?
> >
> > Big +1 from me. I don't see any need to clutter up WSS4J with all this
> > stuff - let's keep WSS4J at the level it is and add separate projects to
> > cover the other functionality (which are Axis2 and Axiom coupled
> > anyway).
> >
> > Sanjiva.
> >
> >
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Ajith Ranabahu

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