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From Lori Van Gulick <>
Subject [Axis2][VOTE] handling WSDL's multiple services/ports (JIRA-965)
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 19:43:14 GMT
Vote: Accept the changes for JIRA-965 as an interim solution.


I have submitted a patch for JIRA-965 which contains an extension to 
WSDL11ToAxisServiceBuilder which will retrieve all the ports on all the 
services in the WSDL and return them as a List of AxisService objects. 
Only users of the new extension would see the new behavior.  Existing 
users of WSDL11ToAxisServiceBuilder will not be affected.  I have verified 
that all the tests still pass with the patch.  The patch also contains 
cooresponding changes for WSDL20ToAxisServiceBuilder, and a new test for 
the new extensions.

Concerns have been expressed here on the mailing list that this is not the 
correct solution to the problem.  A more correct solution would be to add 
an axisEndpoint object.  The details of this change have yet to be worked 
out, but it seems clear to me that this will be a significant change which 
we would not want to undertake at this point given that we are trying to 
stabilize Axis2 for a 1.1 release. 

I need this functionality as soon as possible, so I would like to be able 
to commit my change as an interim solution.  Once Axis2 1.1 is complete I 
would like to revisit the topic of adding axisEndpoint and work out all 
the details at that point.


Lori Van Gulick
WebSphere Development
IBM Austin
(512) 838-7929
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