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From Luigi Lo Iacono <>
Subject Disappearing SOAP header when using MIME attachments
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 09:38:57 GMT

I had no luck with the question stated below in the axis-user list. 
Maybe some of can help...!?

BTW, I discovered some news here... When enforcing the creation of the 
"multipart" in writeContentToStream() in AttachmentsImpl to be done 
every time (by setting multipart = null), the header is included on the 
wire, but the attachement is then empty. I didn't get the relationship 
here properly yet...

Thanks, Luigi.

Luigi Lo Iacono wrote:
> Hi there!
> I encountered a very strange behavior while using Axis with several 
> handlers and MIME attachments. I tried a bunch of different Axis 
> versions including 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4. The problem occurs in all of them.
> At the client-side I have two handlers in the global chain. The first 
> one encrypts the SOAP body as well as MIME attachments (if present) and 
> the second one signs the SOAP body. The encryption handler is an own 
> development and for signing I use the WSS4J handler.
> Without attachments everything works fine. The encrypted and signed SOAP 
> request will be constructed and send via CommonsHTTPSender to the 
> server. When an MIME attachment is present, though, the security header 
> included by WSS4J disappears.
> I did some debugging (essentially some more than only some ;-) and saw, 
> that the SOAP request is full-fledge when leaving the global chain. On 
> the wire the WSS4J header is not present. It gets lost somewhere in 
> between. I debugged further and have the impression that something goes 
> wrong when transforming the SOAP envelope to the bytes that are then 
> passed to the OutputStream towards the server. Might it be the case, 
> that the class holding the MIME multipart encoded bytes, doesn't get 
> refreshed, when the WSS4J handler adds his security header? Again, the 
> correct message can be retrieved from the MessageContext, but is not 
> complete within the CommonsHTTPSender.
> Any ideas regarding this...!?
> Cheers, Luigi.

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