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From Samuel Isokpunwu <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] MTOM Large file sending problem
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 15:52:57 GMT

Does this have anything to do with I opened earlier. If not, 
could you or anybody help take a look at this jira defect. I am still 
having the same problem. Let me know of any additional information beside 
what I already included in the defect. 

Samuel...............Have  a great day.

"Thilina Gunarathne" <> 
07/12/2006 09:43 PM
Please respond to


Re: [Axis2] MTOM Large file sending problem

Forget the above mail... It worked.. :).. I was able to upload a  >160MB 
file succesfully. Service was in my local machine and the speed was above 
350 KB/s..

I have not enabled MTOM on async client and problem is with the base64 
MTOM works fine.. But Base64encoding fails due to Axis2 trying to compute 
base64 for the whole binary at one go. 


On 7/13/06, Thilina Gunarathne <> wrote:
Hi all,
After further investigating in to recent reports of MTOM not being able to 
send large files, I found out that the problem lies with the Async 
In the sync+file caching everything works fine and smoothly for server 
uploads, without giving any noticeable increase of memory usage. But 
server gets out of memory exception  when trying to echo back the received 
attachment. Reason may be the same as for the following async case. 

In the Async case memory usage goes high, proportionally to the attachment 
size. It seems Axis2 is trying to read the attachment in to memory in the 
async case. I went on debugging and still didn't get any clue. This is a 
very strange behaviour, cause both sync and async internally use the same 
code base, except for the new thread. 

I would be glad if somebody can shed some light on to this. Any pointers 
would be great. 

"May the SourcE be with u"               

"May the SourcE be with u"            

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