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From "Tony Dean" <>
Subject [Axis2] axiom redundant namespace serialization...
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 14:32:23 GMT

I thought that I would just post this observation to the axis group since serialization of
axiom objects directly affects the performance of axis2.

In the past it seemed that axiom was doing a good job of not producing redundant namespace
declarations, but with the July 18th snapshot, it does not seem as good.  Let me explain.

If I produce elements such as:

QName qName = new QName("http://myNamespace", "Element1");
OMElement element1 = omFactory.createOMElement(qName, null);

qName = new Qname("http://myNamespace", "Element2");
OMElement element2 = omFactory.createOMElement(qName, null);

Now if I return this to axis2 engine as a response to service operation request, it will get
serialized back to the client as something like the following:

<axis2ns1:Element1 xmlns:axis2ns1="http://myNamepace">
   <axis2ns2:Element2 xmlns:axis2ns2="http://myNamepace"/>

Just think if you had many child elements in the same namespace.

I would think an optimal, acceptable serialization would have been:

<axis2ns1:Element1 xmlns:axis2ns1="http://myNamespace">


<Element1 xmlns="http://myNamepace">


Tony Dean
SAS Institute Inc.

SAS... The Power to Know

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