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From "Christopher Sahnwaldt" <>
Subject Re: Services
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2006 21:21:24 GMT

this is a late answer, and it only applies to Axis 1. Maybe it can be of some use anyway...

We have exactly the same requirements as you - create and configure an object, dynamically
register it as a service. We came up with a solution that goes pretty deep into Axis machinery,
but works very well.

See JIRA entry .

We get Axis to use our object instead of creating one by using our own sub class of JavaProvider.

The problem is - all this only works with Axis 1. I'd love to hear from someone who knows
Axis2, if something like that would be feasible for Axis2?


-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Datum: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 17:34:34 +0200
Von: "Dan Peder Eriksen" <>
Betreff: Services

> Hello,
> I'm a master degree student from the university of Tromsø working on
> a middlware platform for context sensitive services. The middlware is
> built by using MBeans (JMX
> and Axis 2 has been installed on an embedded installation of Jetty  
> 5.1.11RC0.
> We want to make it possible for components deployed in the middleware
> to expose certain methods as web services using axis 2. When trying to
> use the API some problems have arisen.
> The two problems I encounter when trying to do this is:
> 1. A way to register already created objects as a service, so I supply
> the instance of the object (the component) instead of axis 2 creating
> the instance for me.
> 2. A way to programmatically register services. This most also be possible
> at runtime as the middleware supports hot deployment.
> So what I'm looking at creating (if it doesnt already exists) for our
> middleware is something like this, pseudocode:
> //My component I want to register
> Component comp = Middleware.getComponent("Component Name");
> //Methods the service should expose, everything
> Method[] methods = comp.getClass().getMethods();
> //Singelton pattern
> Axis axis = Axis.getInstance();
> //Deploy Service
> axis.deployService("Service Name", comp, methods);
> If does not exist already it's something I would like to create. I'm sure 
> it
> would be usefull for others aswell. Where would one start to create  
> something
> like this?
> Sincerely Dan Peder Eriksen
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