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From Deep Ghosh <>
Subject deploy.wsdd created incorrectly
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 19:41:49 GMT
  I have learned to live with this by now.
  I am confused whether this is a bug or not.
  I did the following.
  1. Use wsdl2java to create some java files.
  2. Compile and create a jar.
  3. Put jar in axis folder.
  4. deploy using AdminClient.
 Nothing happens.
 I removed the red portion and redeployed.
 Now everything works.
  <service name="AServiceSoap" provider="java:RPC" style="wrapped" use="literal">
      <parameter name="wsdlTargetNamespace" value=""/>
      <parameter name="wsdlServiceElement" value="AServiceSoap"/>
      <parameter name="schemaQualified" value=""/>
      <parameter name="wsdlServicePort" value="GloviaPrintService"/>
      <parameter name="className" value="com.glovia.printservice.AServiceSoap_BindingImpl"/>
      <parameter name="wsdlPortType" value="GloviaPrintSe
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