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From "Davanum Srinivas" <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (AXIS2-938) Plugpoint to allow for migration between context and TLS
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 21:01:27 GMT
I am officially confused...But let's start with:

- explicit comments as mentioned in your email.
- Please move the methods in AxisConfiguration to ConfigurationContext
as AxisConfiguration is only till deployment.
- Ok to leave the explicit methods, would prefer get/set property till
we get this beast under control

Ideally, i'd like the whole thing working and usable by anyone using
core. But since we don't even have a use case, as you mentioned, let's
not clutter the code unnecessarily.

IMHO, till we get the hooks solidified for jaxws use case, all the
code should be in modules/jaxws. But given the amount of push back..i
fold :)


On 7/31/06, Bill Nagy <> wrote:
> Hi dims,
> If all you are asking me for is to add calls into the other
> MessageReceiver's and the ServiceClient, I'd be happy to do it; I just
> didn't have a use case that required that, so didn't want to clutter the
> code.
> Alternatively I can make it more explicit in the comments that it is up
> to the programming model layer to make these invocations, and that not
> all may.  (The migrators really border between the QoSes and the
> PM-level code, so anyone implementing one has to understand the PM-layer
> as well anyways.)
> Which would you prefer (or did I miss what you were trying to explain?)
> -Bill
> On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 14:58 -0400, Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> > Bill,
> >
> > If we decide to mode the whole thing into modules/core, then i will
> > have no problem keeping the methods for migrators and make it similar
> > to modules, transports, phases etc.
> >
> > Here's my problem, the Patch does not reflect the intention. If you
> > check it in as-is right now. Anyone using the core module and *NOT*
> > using module/jaxws will scratch their heads as their entry points are
> > *NEVER* called from the code.
> >
> > Do you see the problem?
> >
> > thanks,
> > dims
> >
> > On 7/31/06, Bill Nagy (JIRA) <> wrote:
> > >     [
> > >
> > > Bill Nagy commented on AXIS2-938:
> > > ---------------------------------
> > >
> > > (Sorry that I'm a little late to the discussion; I just switched machines and
apparently my mail filtering is screwed up.)
> > >
> > > The plugpoint was indeed meant to be PM-agnostic, and I know for a fact that
when Tuscany integrates with Axis2 they will need this as well.  As Nick pointed out, the
invocations have to happen at the PM layer, as the PM may introduce thread-switches of its
own, and that's the only place that will know when all of those have been completed or will
know before they start.
> > >
> > > As to putting the LinkedList into the AxisConfiguration vs. the ConfigurationContext,
I had likened the migrators to modules, transports, phases, etc. all of which reside in the
AxisConfiguration.  At least on the client side, migrators are going to have to be statically
registered/deployed, as they need to be invoked high up in the PM and not much of the engine
will have executed at that point in time.  If you still think that they belong in the ConfigurationContext,
then I'm happy to move the List.
> > >
> > > -Bill
> >
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