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From "Yueqiang" <>
Subject Debug a web service invocation
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 08:12:16 GMT

Hi All,

We've developed a composite debugger for service invocations (based on axis 1.x), a web-scale
It has following features:
(1) Do not need always to turn on the debug conditional attribute when you inspect a service
(2) Two levels to control a service invocation, message-level and source-level. 
The ml-debugging could control and interrupt the service invocation by issueing debug commands,
and observe/update values of those fields in a message context and invoke its methods dynamically.
When you want to debug a handler or provider in source-level, the handler can emigrate outside
within an environment turning on the debug conditional attribute (another JVM).
(3) The message-level debugging work on self-check and proactive modes.
This means the debugging does not interfere other service invocations. It only employs to
debug the invocation you want to. Not like the log and monitor in axis 1.x, which work on
a possive mode.
(4) It could support any JDI-based debuggers for dource-level debug.

The composite debugger is a new approach to debugging service invocations other than the existing
log and monitoring ways

Any way the web-scale debugging is a intersting topic.


Qaing Yue

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