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From "Jaliya Ekanayake" <>
Subject Re: AXIS SUCKS (In Capitals)
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 17:44:47 GMT
Hi Deep,

I did not write the document but since that guy has written it, EVEN YOU could deploy a service
Why we explain more stuff is because we develop "Open Source" software" and the not proprietary
stuff. May be in Microsoft you would  teach people to "Click"  "Then Click" and "Click" ....
What we do is try to give an insight of what is happening so that someone else will improve
and continue the work.


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  From: Deep Ghosh 
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  Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 8:37 PM
  Subject: AXIS SUCKS (In Capitals)


    I could generate a Microsoft web service in 5 minutes and with axis its more than 5 hours
so far. Thus the Subject.

    Generating wsdl2java was pretty ok (Although in Windows I would have expected a Program
Menu Item to do such thing...or at least a batch/shell file in 
    DOS/UNIX but you guys will never learn that.

    So...ran wsdl2java and got a bunch of classes. Now what?

    Agree jws deployment is smart...but I have compiled a bunch of java classes.. so have
a list of class files.

    Used AdminClient to deploy the wsdd.

    Used the section Custom Deployment - Introducing WSDD in

    This is written by a moron. Rules : Dont write a bunch of stuff without telling what needs
to be done. I know you are proud of the stuff you have developed but all the user cares is
about how to use it and quick.

    AdminClient says....<Admin>Done processing</Admin>. Yes, everyone knows that.
Did someone teach this guy that if you write a program, you should let the user what happens?

    So now..i have these bunch of classes. I dont know to what URL this damn thing is deployed.

    Whereas in Microsoft, they would start the URL and create a ASP.NET form to run my web

    When will this apache people grow up? I am sure ten years letter I will see them doing
the same mistakes.

  Best Regards,

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