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From "Dan Peder Eriksen" <>
Subject Services
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 15:34:34 GMT

I'm a master degree student from the university of Tromsø working on
a middlware platform for context sensitive services. The middlware is
built by using MBeans (JMX
and Axis 2 has been installed on an embedded installation of Jetty  

We want to make it possible for components deployed in the middleware
to expose certain methods as web services using axis 2. When trying to
use the API some problems have arisen.

The two problems I encounter when trying to do this is:
1. A way to register already created objects as a service, so I supply
the instance of the object (the component) instead of axis 2 creating
the instance for me.
2. A way to programmatically register services. This most also be possible
at runtime as the middleware supports hot deployment.

So what I'm looking at creating (if it doesnt already exists) for our
middleware is something like this, pseudocode:

//My component I want to register
Component comp = Middleware.getComponent("Component Name");

//Methods the service should expose, everything
Method[] methods = comp.getClass().getMethods();

//Singelton pattern
Axis axis = Axis.getInstance();

//Deploy Service
axis.deployService("Service Name", comp, methods);

If does not exist already it's something I would like to create. I'm sure  
would be usefull for others aswell. Where would one start to create  
like this?

Sincerely Dan Peder Eriksen

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