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From "Ajith Ranabahu" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Unwrapping support - how to maintain the part name reference ?
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 13:53:42 GMT
Hi Anne,
Hmm... You have a point. But ultimately the message name would vanish
(since we are genrating a wrapper schema prior to unwrapping) and I
need a way to recreate the exact QName inside a databinding extension
with the information that is already there (which happend to be the
I was thinking that we would only need to unwrap the input but it is
true that we may have to unwrap the output if it contains a single
type. So you are absolutely right in using the message name in the
What I was mostly worried is the introduction of such private
conventions inside the code generator.


On 6/28/06, Anne Thomas Manes <> wrote:
> You would need to use the message name as the namespaceURI to ensure
> uniqueness. (Notice that your example uses "part1" for both input and output
> messages for the same operation.)
> Anne
>  On 6/28/06, Ajith Ranabahu <> wrote:
> >
>  Hi all,
> Dennis has been a bit silent on the mailing list these days so I
> decided to move on with the mentioned plan in the last mail. It seems
> that there is no alternative to the problem of finding how to populate
> the method signatures other than a schema walker that figures out the
> part names and their type during the code generation.
> While doing that I came across a small issue. Our type mapper (which
> is basically a wrapped  hash table) is global. As soon as you try to
> populate it with types that relate to parts (with the part name as the
> key) a problem occurs. The part names are *not* supposed to be unique
> across messages and part names are not namespace qualified for
> rpc/lit!
> Here is a snippet from one of the test WSDL's
> <message name="requestMessage">
>         <part name="part1" type="types:echoRequest"/>
> </message>
> <message name="responseMessage">
>         <part name="part1" type="types:echoResponse"/>
> </message>
> How can I maintain a reference to part1 of the first message uniquely
> in the type mapper ? I don't want to change the structure of the type
> mapper (the fact that it is a simple key-value pair) partly because
> the users are allowed to pass in an external mapping file and also I
> fear things might get messy if I add more methods to it..
> What I thought was to have our own convention inside the codegen where
> we generate a QName for the part with part name as the localpart and
> the operation name as the namespaceURI. It is totally a private
> convention but the databinding extensions have to follow that
> covention and populate the type map accordingly.
> Any thoughts ?
> --
> Ajith Ranabahu
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Ajith Ranabahu

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